Adult Dance+Fitness Classes

Bounce Fitness w/MoeJoe

“The Creole Hotsauce of Dance Fitness”


Bounce Fitness w/MoeJoe is a daily danceout fitness festival celebrating Louisiana Creole and southern culture through music and dance. This exciting danceout is led by New Iberia, La native, dance educator, performer and dance fitness leader Marissa “MoeJoe” Joseph. Bounce Fitness promotes Louisiana dance styles in Zydeco, Second Line and New Orleans Bounce, while embracing the vibrant cultures that provide dashes of flavor to the Creole melting pot. Each class offers a unique experience motivated by community and tradition.

Bounce Fitness currently offers the following dance fitness cardio class menu 

Bounce Fitness World Beat @ Dancing Grounds-60 Minutes  A dance fitness festival celebrating the diverse growing community of NOLA transplants and visitors, while educating all participants on the vibrancy of Louisiana Creole culture through dance fitness. Teaching style is call and response.  All levels welcome

-Dat Flashmob @ Broadmoor Arts+Wellness Center-60 Minutes A high-spirited community flash dance performance and dancercise group, led by Marissa “MoeJoe” Joseph, dedicated to entertaining crowds with NOLA attitude, moves and flare.  Class structure: 30-minute dance workout with technique/30-minutes of flashmob choreography. Teaching style is a combination of call and response, technique/skill building and performance choreography.  All levels welcome

-Bounce Fitness Block Party @ Broadmooor Arts+Wellness Center-60 Minutes- A dance fitness festival inspired by the Louisiana Creole and southern experience of block parties.  This class is for the bass lover who loves blending their workout with bass thumping music, moves and grooves.  Teaching style is call and response.  All levels welcome

-Bounce Fitness Erotica @ Crescent Lotus Dance Studio-60 Minutes-a dance fitness festival celebrating the woman!  Her style, attitude, natural body and spirit. This class helps build a stronger body, while enhancing movement variation seeking to spark the sensuality of twerking. Bounce Erotica is great for building lower body dance style.







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