Motivational Workout Buddy

Working out is about consistently discovering new movement methods that are true to the individual. Dance Fitness, for me Bounce Fitness w/Moe Joe, is true because dance has always opened my mind to try new things that would make me a better and open-minded student of many sorts. The arts and performance keep me creatively fresh so my health or goals do not become too rigid and help me to be vulnerable and respectful of my bodies condition and health.

Workout buddy’s who are also instructors share a symbiotic relationship. The instructor motivates overall change that impacts and inspires your ability to positively move and you have someone who can understand how to consistently adapt and workout with you from where you are.

Workout Buddy’s help you remain accountable for your goals, are your points of vulnerability when times seem rough and your body has reached a plateau and they are there to big up you when you’ve succeeded and continue to strive for the next goal.

Book a workout buddy session with Moe Joe today. Prices are:

$45/Single Person $55 2-Friends $65 3 Friends

Email for your booking and let Moe Joe be a workout buddy with you.